Перевод (ru):

The Liechtenstein Development Service, частная международная организация LED, от имени правительства Лихтенштейна оказывающая помощь развивающимся странам, объявила конкурс для профессиональных фотографов и тех, кто учится фотоделу. Им нужны серии фотографий Молдовы. Призы: 800 евро за сет из 16-20 фотографий, второе место 600 и третье 500 евро. Работы высылать до 1 июня.

Оригинал (eng):

The Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) is looking for high quality photos from the Republic of Moldova and wants to buy up to 3 series of pictures (16-20 pictures each).

The selected photos will be published inter alia in a calendar, issued in Moldova and Liechtenstein and sent to partner organizations of LED all over the world. The photos also will be featured in the magazine of LED.

WHO: The call is open to all professional photographers and people studying photography in the Republic of Moldova.

WHAT: We are looking for original images of working people or people learning skills for work. Work is an essential part of many peoples’ lives. Work has many different faces. People should play a central role in the photos. The photos should reflect the working spirit of the people, who are doing their best to do their job good. The meaning of the word “work” is not limited to income generating activities. Pictures of unpaid work are also welcome.

Formal requirements:

• Color or b/w

• Format / Trim Size: 320 mm x 320 mm

• Bleed: 5 mm

• High Resolution: 300 dpi (ca. 10 Megapixel)

• Save as: PDF high resolution data ready for printing, JPEG or EPS

Entries must be:

• The original work of the entrant

• Respectful of the rights, sensitivities, and culture of persons depicted

SELECTION: The selection will be done by the committee of the headquarter of LED together with a professional photographer from Liechtenstein. Selection criteria will be: technical excellence, composition, interesting topic and artistic merit.

WHEN: All entries must be received by LED Moldova by 1. June 2012.

PRICE: LED is willing to pay for the best set of photos 800 Euro, and for the second set 600 Euro and for a third set 500 Euro. The photographers keep the copyright of the photos, but they have to allow LED to use the photos in their documentation and public relation activities.

HOW: Each participant can submit maximal two sets of photos (16-20 pictures per set). We prefer to receive entries by e-mail or on CD/DVD. For the selection process, the digital images can also be e-mailed in low resolution. The set of photos should be submitted together with a document, containing a paragraph for each photo with the name of the photo and 1-2 sentences describing the story behind the photo. Also the document must contain the full name, telephone number and email address of the photographer.

After we have decided which photos we want to buy, we will contact the photographer and offer him/her a contract for the photo set in question. The money will be paid after we received the pictures in high resolution on a CD/DVD.

WHERE: Send entries to: [email protected] or bring/send CD/DVDs to the LED office in Chisinau: LED; Str. Banulescu-Bodoni 25, of. 21; Chisinau, MD 2012. Tel: 022 / 22 19 50

источник: http://led.md


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